5D – What am I?

Year 5 have been working hard to write their own riddles about something space-related. We focused on using different sentence openers and saving our more obvious clues for the end. The riddles should be difficult to guess but not impossible!


Please feel free to read a few, and comment in the reply section with your guess. We will approve all the reply comments on the first day back in January so that children can see how successful their riddles were! We hope you enjoy solving them and we wish you a wonderful Christmas break!


Miss Drinkwater and Miss Knight


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105 thoughts on “5D – What am I?

  1. Rotating on my axes I orbit the sun
    My diameter is 12,742km
    There are 7 big and small continents on my surface
    Shining like a sparkly pearl my moon shines down on me
    There are 7 billon life forms on me
    What am I ?

  2. Theropod is what I am.
    My colour is brown.
    I am 12m long.
    Only meat, I eat.
    In my large jaw, I have 60 bone-crushing teeth, each longer than a banana.
    My fierce bite force is 8 times more powerful than a lion’s.
    As fast as an Olympic sprinter, I travel on my powerful hind legs.
    What am I?

  3. Whilst living in the Earth, I stop people from floating.
    Like the sun I am over 5000 degrees hot.
    Everyone knows about me because you can search me up on the internet.
    Flowing, like a tap, I have a jet stream going through me.
    What am I?

  4. Sucking in everything, strong as a bull I stay in one place.
    Darker than the darkest of all corners I cause a huge tornado.
    Slowly, quietly I suck everything in then the opposite side pushes it all out.
    Not even light can escape.
    As still as a brick I live in the centre of the universe.
    Who am I?

  5. My name is …….and I am in space.
    Every 75 years I come past.
    Colossally a thing like me is made out Ice and rock.
    The start of my name is Hal.
    I am mostly made out of ice.
    My name ends in tem and I am colossal.
    What am I?

  6. Never leaving a millimetre off my track, I live in the solar system.
    Bigger than anything you could imagine, my core is hotter than the rough, warm crust of the sun.
    Orbiting the big ball of warmth named the sun, I move quickly.
    As thin as wire my rings wrap around me.
    Being one of the outer planets, I have many different moons some big and some small.
    What am I?

  7. In space I live,
    Very few visitors I’ve had,
    Thinking in knowledge, most people say that I disappear and morph into new shapes!But I don’t,
    As slow as a snail, I roam around in my orbit like a scruffy,mucky stray dog,
    I’m a curious spherical shape,grey fellow,
    Often,shooting stars and meteors sly pat me noisily,
    I’ve only ever heard a few sounds,those sounds are: “The eagle has landed!” And “One small step for man but one giant leap for mankind!” And the sound of a flag being planted in my body!
    What am I?

  8. Space is my home
    Tirelessly and speedily I soar through Space
    Travelling round a planet I finish orbiting it every 40 minutes
    Occasionally you can see me but most of the time you can’t
    Lots of brave, heroic astronauts have have been in me
    Me and a Rocket do similar things
    What am I?

  9. Like rocks, 27 things surround me.
    Moving, turning and changing, I orbit some hot magma.
    In the distance, it burns on planets but not on me I’m cold.
    Like hula hoop 13 things surround us or I.
    I need help but who am I?

  10. As I dazzle your eyes with my amazing colour, I light up the sky shining little sparks as bright as light bulbs
    Shining as bright as the sun, if you are lucky you will see me with all of my colour
    Looking around, you will see, people have pictures of me on their backpacks
    Also I can be lots of different colours
    What am I ?

  11. Like a hot summers day I’m hotter than a oven.
    Like a Santa hat I have white spots on the top and the bottom of me.
    I have two moons one is not round,tooth shaped! 40c! The other one is not round but it looks like the shape of a skull!
    A length of a year on me is 687 days!
    I have a volcano and I’m the 4th planet away from the sun!
    What am I?

  12. I’m a lot different to humans
    My eyes are huge
    My head is long
    Showing off different colours, my family is not all green
    As sticky as an octopus sticking to a rock, I walk across the many lands of the solar system
    My friends are all over the universe humans don’t know much about me
    What am I?

  13. You can find me in magnificent different formed and shapes.
    Like a swarm of bees, I am never alone, I have lots of little friends.
    Shining high above your head, I am brighter then a flash light.
    With the months changing, I appear to change too.
    Surprisingly, I orbit a planet going around it is my thing but rotating is not built in your eyes I change.
    Some say I made of cheese.

    What am I?

  14. We keep the planets in a certain order .
    Like an invisible rope I rap around all the planets to keep them together .
    There can be lots of me.
    Filling the sky ,I am like a hula hoop around the objects I keep.
    You can’t see me in space cause I am invisible.
    There are a few if me in a galaxy I’m powerful on objects
    I am like a person squeezing someone but I am keeping tight hold of my objects.
    You will know that I live in space.
    What am I ?

  15. A celestial body has mighty gravity so much that I have been pulled near it.
    Every once and in a while , I am covered so no one can see me but don’t worry I am still there.
    Like a teacup being drunk one second I am there one second i am not.
    Looking up at the mystical, mysterious night sky , I am there visible from the earth.
    On my rocky,dry surface the bold , starry American flag waves around.
    Many shapes many sizes , the Sun changes my appearance.
    What am I ?

  16. Spinning as fast as a cheetah, my moons follow me everywhere.
    I often race the rapid planet of Mercury but always lose.
    No matter how hard I try to break from my boring circulation ,I always end up in the same boring loop around the star that is the Sun.
    The blue,tranquil planet of Earth is like my twin because we are almost the same size.
    Taller than the famous Mount Everest ,my mountain,which is also a volcano ,looks down on all the other mountains in the solar system.
    My face is as red as roses.
    Earth and Jupiter are my neighbouring planets .
    What am I?

  17. Like a chameleon, I change colour for different times.
    Earth’s moon is smaller than me.
    But I orbit the sun.
    Battling with Gravity I keep losing.
    Although I am smaller than Jupiter but I am bigger than Pluto.
    I’m really close to the sun.
    What am I?

  18. I live in the cold, dark solar system
    No one can ever set foot on me
    I have my own gravitational pull
    Like a ballerina, things orbit me
    Like an angel, I shine as bright as I possibly can

    Who am I ?

  19. My home is the amazing universe
    As slow as a snail,I roam
    My identity has been discovered by a drone
    Like poison I kill my encounters
    Happy and smiley I am noticable
    Rumbling with anger,the storm inside me is out of control
    My best mates are Mars and Saturn
    What am I?

  20. Lighting up the sky,I float on my back.
    In a blink of an eye,my body lights up at night.
    Carefully looking down at Earth, I see people gasping and saying how bright I am.
    Floating around in the sky, I don’t have any vertices.
    Like a lamp, my body is very bright.
    What am I ?

  21. Courageously, treacherously and heroically I live in space
    Strong amazing astronauts have been in me
    From earth you can see me moving around
    The amazing Tim peak has been up to me
    I take a heroic 90 minutes to get around the huge glob.
    What am I?

  22. I am part of the Solar System.
    Slow and steady, like a snail, I orbit the Sun.
    On me I have different colours and rocks.
    My best mates are Saturn and Mars.
    No one has ever been on me.
    For a long time, I have been known as a planet but now I’ve been known as a gas planet.
    Raging for over 300 years, I have a huge storm called The Great Red Spot.
    Happily and gracefully I am the largest planet.
    Mind blowing, I am as big as 1300 Earths.
    What am I ?

  23. If you were on Jupiter on a good night you would be able to see us.
    There is 67 of us.
    Like the planets orbiting the sun we orbit Jupiter .
    We are formed when rocks get trapped in the atmosphere.
    You can’t see us in the sky from Earth you would have to go to Jupiter.

    What are we?

  24. Like an eagle looking for it pray my wings fly through the night sky…
    I’m made of metal
    Fiercely, I fly through very dark places
    I am white and green and yellow and live in a very important place
    Sometimes I can be very very loud when I’m going somewhere
    What am I ?

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