5K – What am I?

Year 5 have been working hard to write their own riddles about something space-related. We focused on using different sentence openers and saving our more obvious clues for the end. The riddles should be difficult to guess but not impossible!

Please feel free to read a few, and comment in the reply section with your guess. We will approve all the reply comments on the first day back in January so that children can see how successful their riddles were! We hope you enjoy solving them and we wish you a wonderful Christmas break!

Miss Drinkwater and Miss Knight

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43 thoughts on “5K – What am I?

  1. I am a planet not the biggest not the smallest.
    Like flash running on a treadmill my year is very fast.
    Every day I see another side of the sun. My moons do not exist
    My core is made of rock.
    I am not a gas giant
    My size is as small as space station.
    I am the hottest planet.
    What am I ?
    By Kane

  2. I’m a planet. I don’t have any rings.
    I am 93 miles or 150 million kilometres from the sun.
    I am nearly the closest planet to the sun.
    I am the only planet that has an atmosphere containing 21 percent of oxygen.
    Like a bull I am charging around the sun like a bullet.
    I am the third planet away from the sun.
    A year on my planet is 365 days.

  3. I’m in space
    I have the shortest day of all eight planets
    I have 67moons
    I have a very strong magnetic field
    I Have a faint ring around me
    A storm as big as the earth goes around me

  4. I’m in space.
    I have 0 moons.
    I don’t have any rings.
    I’m the smallest planet in our solar system.
    Mysterious, strange nobody knows who discovered this planet.
    Like an old lady’s face, this planet has wrinkles.
    Spinning around in space, I orbit the Sun.
    I am the planet closest to the Sun.
    What am I?

    By Molly

  5. I have metals big parts all over me.
    I am useful for taking pictures of space.
    I find out stuff about space that people did not know.
    Grinning from head to toe I watch the moon.
    You can take me in a rocket.
    When you go on me it is a bumpy ride.
    I am like a red fast car.
    Like a bumpy ride i bonded of the craters made by meteors .
    What am I?

  6. I don’t have any feelings but I can get out of control.
    My body is very strong like Superman.
    But be very gentle I can break very easily.
    Rushing like an Athlete, I can’t move on my own.
    But when I do I’m quick on the job.
    My enormous hand carry’s the heavy weight I am told to move.
    Normally, I’d help out:Astronauts,the International Space Station and builders.

  7. Slinging around lick a ballerina I get dizzy fore a long time.
    Bored tired and dizzy I go to seep but slowly.
    I gust hear rocks crashing into me.
    I,m very dusty and dry.
    There,s no life on me.
    Things on me are :rocks rad sand mountains.
    You can not see me from earth.
    I am kind of orang.
    What am i

  8. I fly through space
    You can sometimes see me with the naked eye
    I fly around:Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune and Pluto
    There are millions of me
    When your blinking you miss me
    Faster than a cheater I zoom down to the planets making craters

  9. I was found in the 7th century .
    I have the shortest day of all planets .
    I’m the 5th closest to he sun .
    I have 67 moons .
    My neighbours are Mars and Saturn .
    I take 4333 days to orbit the sun .
    I have 4 rings .
    I’m a planet but which one .

    What am I ?

  10. It will take a one year and 330 to yet to me

    I’m kind of cold and hot a bit

    You can take all the time in the wold but I’m patient

    You can call me a desert

    I’m bigger then earth but smaller than Jupiter

    I can be a bit quiet

    Red as I see a angry bull smashing all he can see in his eyes

    I’m made of red dirt it helps me grow rocket herb

    What I’m I

  11. I fly through space
    You can sometimes see me with the naked eye
    I fly around:Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune and Pluto
    There are millions of me
    When your blinking you miss me
    Faster than a cheater I zoom down to the planets making craters

  12. As still as a brick wall I look at the atmosphere around me.
    Every day I sit in lonely silence.
    When you’r in bed sleeping I’m hard working.
    I’m the one who brings you brightness at night.
    Neil Armstrong was my first friend.
    Dented and wounded I stand tall as the blazing sun shines onto me.
    What am I?

  13. * I have 30 rings and 62 moons
    * It can be seen with a naked eye
    * My neighbours are the 7 and 5 planet away from the sun
    * I am the flattest planet
    * My rings are the most expensive in the solar system
    * I am yellow and orange
    * My ring is made out of dust rock and ice which came from a passing comet
    * I am the sixth planet away from the sun.
    . What am I?

  14. Like a invisible ninja I slowly move imposble to se visble like a tiny pea I want to be wat I used to be .I swurl with colers I am a devil but not a devil i was the last but not any more I feel like any floor I am divine and butiful you will Gust cry wat am I

  15. .As strong as 15 thousand elaphants I could easily win a tug of war with any planet shape or size
    .if scientists are right I can be used as a time machine in theory
    .i am made of hundreds of bright, shining, hot stars
    .you could only dare to go near my black vortex
    .Laughing from head to toe I destroy everything and everyone in my path
    .i am in the centre of the coulurfull,bright, big Milky Way

    What a I ?

  16. I have not got a trailer but I crash

    I have clever glass

    I’ve got lights

    I,me bigger then a dinner table

    I wey 20 stone

    I’ve got blue weeks

    I don’t go on The busty road

    What am I?

  17. flying though sparkling space I curiously looked at my surroundings like : planets, stars and moons. I can’t be found there to long because of certain reasons. Friction helps me stay on the ground.
    Like a child thought he years we improve.
    I can be found in different colours, bright or dark.
    No one of us is the same as another.
    I’m run on fuel.
    What am I.

  18. Olivia M
    Like a bull I’m very un-friendly
    Like a pebble I’m grey
    Crashing all over I love crashing with my friends
    I am very destructive
    I have 3 steps of life
    I am made of grey rock
    What am I ?

  19. It is orange .
    It has a bit of red on it.
    It is as round as a boulder .
    As I stepped on the burning hot fire my feet was a red as a tomato
    The planet that I have picked is as wide as a house

    What am I ?

    By Ellie

  20. Like a spotlight on a stage I light up the sky
    Blinding I am one of the hottest things in the solar system
    Nobody could ever step foot on me
    I am I yellowey orange colour
    I am extremely hot
    I could probably melt anything
    I come out during the day
    If you look directly at me I will be blinding
    The planets orbit around me
    What am I ?

  21. Looking left to right I have 27 known moons and maybe more
    It takes 84 years to get to me
    I have amazing rings that whizz around me
    I am 25,362km wide
    I am an ice giant
    People make fun of my name to not a very nice thing
    I am the seventh planet from the sun
    What am i

  22. It is not know who discovered me
    I don’t have any moons or rings
    Your weight on me is 38%of your weight on Earth
    A day on me is 176 Earth days
    I am the coldest planet at night time
    I am the hottest planet at day time
    A year on me takes 88 Earth days
    I am the closest to the sun
    What am I ?
    By Leah H

  23. I am from a ring of some sort

    Were I come from there are lots of me

    I live in between Jupiter and Mars

    As fast as lightning I catch fire near earth

    I can have 3 names for what I’m doing

    What am I

  24. Hi , this is Toby that is now in yr 5 /5D and I am on what am I well I have one

    I have teeth but not legs lots of people are scared of me but I am scare of them I have Finns and a tale

    What am I ????????

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