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  1. Otter Mayhem! by Noah

    Sally and Jim are brother and sister who are in the kitchen at home having breakfast. ” What shall we do today?” asks Sally.
    “Why don’t we go to the canal” replies Jim, their mum hears this and warns them not to go to the canal because it is dangerous and there is too many fishermen (she is worried about strangers).

    They go anyway because they really like the canal and have seen a family of otters.
    The family has two adults and two young. They are common otters that have brown fur, long tails, webbed feet, claws and sharp teeth for eating raw fish. The canal is the perfect place for the otters and children as it has clean, dry paths – trees-bushes and lots of fish.

    Sally and Jim see the otters but notice that one is missing. Worrying where it might be they go and look for it. They spot it stuck down a hole.
    “We need to rescue it!” cries Jim.
    “What can we use to make the hole bigger?” replies Sally. They start to look for something to get the otter out of the hole with.

    Eventually, they find a strong, small branch to widen the hole. They can’t use their hands because the otter might bite them. They start to dig the otter out of the hole. After a while the otter is free and it swims back to its family unhurt. Sally and Jim watch the otters play for a while and then return home.’

    They hope mum never finds out.

  2. Jessica’s Canal Story

    Polly and Lola , who where warned by their teacher. Mrs Smile announced “it’s dangerous ; another child from our school fell in”. They rolled their eyes ; suggested “should we be horrid and go”. We are curious. I hope it’s all nice. Polly and Lola went down the cute canal and all of a sudden it went all gloomy and horrible walking along on mud Polly slips and falls in the muddy old canal. Polly and Lola can’t swim. Lola gets a long derty branch ; holds it out to polly and lies down on her front. Lola pulls her little sister Polly out of the yucky,brown,horrid canal. They make out that the teacher was walking her dog down the canal ; she spot us. We were punished. At school and our parents got told. We go to school on weekends now.

  3. I think Samuel Oldknow should be remembered because he was a good employer. He was nice to children because he made sure they kept in good health. He gave them plenty to eat and let them have some time off. Samuel Oldknow worked hard for the area he lived in by developing roads, canals, housing and farms. Other mill owners copied his ideas.

  4. Friday 21 April 2017

    Treasure by Noah Sanders

    Ester is an old lady who lives on her own, in a junkyard, in a tent. She spends her days scavenging for objects to use.
    One day as she was walking around the yard she came across an old umbrella which she opened and found it was torn but she still decided to keep it. As she searched she also found a rusty tin can and a broken bird mobile which had one bird loose. She found an old car which she climbed inside of and she sat in the seat.

  5. The Railway

    Sally and Jim are brother and sister. They have been warned by their grandfather not to go to the railway because it is dangerous. They go anyway because they have seen a family of foxes and want to see how the foxcubs are doing.
    A few hours later they found the railway line they spotted the foxes in some bushes they find some other children throwing stones at the foxes one of the foxcubs gets hurt and the other children run away Sally and Jim don’t know what to do. They take the foxcub to the animal hospital and the vet helps it get better. Soon they take it back into the wild and the cub soon finds its family and the children who threw the stones at the foxes where locked in prison. Sally and Jim went back to their grandfathers house and told him what happened and he was so proud of them.

  6. Matthew and Neve are both best friends but there Teacher Mrs crystal tells there class not to play near the railway track.

    Matthew wants to go but Neve doesn’t. He tricks her into thinking she’ll be going to play at the park but they heard that the railway track was dirty and quite it scared Neve but not Matthew.

    Running up and down the railway tracks playing a game but Neve falls over on the railway tracks and hurts herself they can’t get up but Neve heard a train coming.

    Matthew drags Neve out of the way of the train.

    The next day, in school Matthew and Neve got called into the Mrs angry the headteacher into her office. Little did they know that CCTV was there but Neve and Matthew kiss.

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