Our Portal Stories

Over the last couple of weeks, Year 5 have been writing their own portal stories in the style of ‘The Door’. We focused on using show not tell, varied sentence structure and building tension. We hope that you enjoy reading some of our work below!

52 thoughts on “Our Portal Stories

  1. The ghost
    As fast as a cheetah Marty rushed down to the cleaning cupboard he smelt Toby’s
    breath, Marty felt scared and worried .

    The cleaning cupboard was dirty as a giant puddle (Which was dusty) . “Don’t you think you can run away from me “said Toby. He opens the door he couldn’t see Marty
    So he (went a step closer ) and stumbled on a small red ball . Then Marty heard the bang and so he came out of his hiding place and saw him on the ground he didn’t now what to do. So he opened the door but he didn’t now were he was.

    As w hite as a moth , suddenly Marty heard a lot of noise .Marty saw a Ghost Marty was terrified. The Ghost pushed a mop on Marty .Marty didn’t now what to do he wished someone was with him.

    Stepping out of his shadows a man appeared he was a cleaner . He had a hover , so Marty “ask if he could borrow a hover “so he said yes. So he suck it up.

    As soon as Marty sucked up the Ghost he was back in the cleaning cupboard . The bullies were still shouting . So Marty decided to go out side and speak to the bullies.And then Toby said “why don’t we be friends “yes what a great idea “said Marty .
    They promise that they would never chase each other again.

  2. Reading

    Jerry (who had finished his story) was waiting for the teacher to chose someone to read they’re story out. “Jerry,” she called smiling at him, “come and read your story.” Palms as wet as the ocean, Jerry stood up. Nervously, he began to read but he froze. He looked around and locked eyes with Boby – who was his best friend.

    At this time Jerry realised that the classroom (which he was in) was spotless and well lit. But he could not treasure it for long because he found he was in a huge lobby. He could see a scarlet carpet and ten magnificent, stone pillars. He could hear running footsteps behind him. “Boss boss, ” yelled the man high diving Jerry, “your story’s a big hit everyone’s reading it!”

    “Thank you, ” replied Jerry. He knew this man but he just couldn’t remember him. “Who are you sir?” asked Jerry with a puzzled look on his face. ” I, ” claimed the man beaming at him, ” am your publisher who bears great news…”

    “You sir, ” continued the publisher passing a lot of paper to Jerry, “are to read your
    brand new novel to fifty thousand people.” In the blink of an eye, Jerry found him self on a stage. Thinking of all the bad things that could happen and palms sweating, legs like jelly, he read his story and bowed proudly. His fans cheered and clapped. His publisher ran onto the stage, “well done,” cheered the publisher as he shook hands with Jerry. All went silent.

    He found himself back in the classroom. “Are you okay Jerry?” asked the teacher getting up. “Yeah,” replied Jerry as he looked down at his book. He read his story as well as he read it out on stage. His class cheered and clapped as loud the audience at the theatre. He proudly bowed and went and sat down.

  3. Running, jumping and dodging Joe tried robbing something from the shopping centre. But it didn’t work! He only wanted some food for his family because they didn’t have any money. Palms sweating, legs shaking and teeth jittering Joe ran and ran from security. ” I only want some food for my family!” Yelled Joe whilst he was running from security. Joe wasn’t the type of person that would actually rob something and he was a pretty tall boy that would usually stick up for himself.but he was against security this time.

    Giant, old, dirty and dusty the shopping centre was centuries old and if Joe broke anything he would have to pay for it and that was the reason he was robbing the food because he didn’t have any money. The shopping centre still smelt of the olden days so that was why Joe never went there because he didn’t like the smell. Besides they never cleaned it. Then BOOM! As soon as he hit the ground he found himself in an dark old room with a lock on the door and a window with barriers in front of it. There was also someone in that room with him with orange dirty clothes on then Joe looked down and he was in one too. It had cracks down the wall and large lumps of brick missing of the roof.

    He heard something! It was the keys to get him out of his prison cell. He quickly snatched them of the prison guard. Joe unlocked the door then ran but then BOOM! He hit the floor and they caught him he had to give the guard his keys back. NO! Yelled Joe they both had a fight but in the end the guard ended up with the keys back because Joe gave them back.
    Suddenly he found himself back at the shopping centre with the security holding his arms. He explained why he stole the food. Someone from his class at school bought
    Him the food because they knew he didn’t have any money.

    Then the security shouted “just don’t do that again mate. Ok?”
    “Ok”replied Joe as he walked off with the food. His family were very pleased and then they called Joe’s friend and exclaimed “thank you so much!!!” “And also I will pay you back when I get paid!”
    “They answered it’s ok bye!”

    • I love your story Harry, its a little sad. Thankfully Joe doesn’t need to do that. Sounds like a good friend to have. Lots of great adjectives as well.

  4. Give it back. There was once a boy called Harry he lived with his mum and dad. One day they were out shopping at Tesco,which was Harry’s favourite shop,they wanted to buy some food but Harry’s parents couldn’t afford the lovely,tasty food. Harry wanted to help his parents so he asked his parents what food they wanted they said “Pizza Pizza margarita.” When he found out what food his mum and dad wanted he knew hat to do
    Running like lightning, Harry sprinted to the food aisle. When he reached the pizza freezer he carefully opened it. Like he had just got off a plane an icy chill hit him. The security guard watched him grab the lovely soft pizza. A few seconds after he grabbed the pizza he was in a in a farm an immense famous farm. Legs trembling heart pounding Harry scanned the the beautiful immense farm for other living things. Suddenly,he saw some great green cabbages rose red apples and orange carrots because he had no food he knew what to do.
    Trying to make no noise , Harry could smell the great green cabbages rose red apples and orange carrots. When he arrived at the crops Harry started to stuff as many crops as he could into his pockets. Suddenly the farmers,who were called Jenny and Bob, started to emerge from the house. Grabbing faster than the speed of light,Harry knew he was doing the wrong thing. Legs trembling heart racing he hoped the farmers weren’t going to look at him. Every now and again Harry looked over his shoulder to see if the farmers were still there.When he looked for the third time the farmers were gone. All of the sudden, Harry heard a loud bang then about fifty bullets flew past him. It was Bob the farmer shooting like he had just seen a huge raccoon. Then Harry stopped grabbing the crops and turned to Bob. He shouted “drop the crops” Harry was reluctant to but he knew he had to.i
    “Ok” Harry replied and he dropped the crops. Harry and Bob came face to face,”I’m so sorry “Harry started “Its ok” Bob replied Harry was full of sorrow to the man so Harry shook the mans hand and said sorry again. Just then , Harry blinked and he back in Tesco. Still holding the pizza Harry was about to run of with the pizza but then he realised that he was on the verger of doing something wrong so he stopped turned and put it back. He was happy that he had done the right thing.

  5. The control Room!

    Emily – who is not fond of scary movies – was at a cinema in Brighton. Her hands were sweating,her lips were quivering as she was walking into the cinema to watch eye eating monsters from the other side. As the movie went on,Emily was getting more and more scared,so as quick as a cheetah,Emily ran into the control room.

    When Emily got to the control room,she said to herself “phew”slumping into a chair in the control room. The control room, which was clean and tidy,had a horrible odour. As quiet as a mouse,Emily stated to look around, and tripped on a wire and fell on a button. Suddenly, she was transported into the movie. The place( which was scruffy and immense)had blood and eyes everywhere Emily looked. Emily’s palms were sweating,and her teeth were chattering. Emily(who was panting like a dog)started to scream louder than she ever had before.

    Emily-who couldn’t keep herself calm-went and hid in a shopping mall across the street. Emily thought to herself dashing across the street “why do I have a bad feeling about this”. As she slowly walked into the mall, Emily sore eye eating monsters who eat people’s eyes and they stated to appear everywhere. The monsters had 3 split tongues and webbed feet. Emily,who didn’t know to do,had tears in her eyes and her head started to sweat. As she went further into the shop, she found a water gun(packed full of water).

    Emily very bravely started to shoot water at the monsters and they started to melt into disgusting white slime. Shooting at the monsters, she thought to herself “wow they melt into slime…cool. Her heart was pounding and her body was sweating. As she went one by one turning the eye eating monsters into white slime.

    Surprisingly, she shot the last one and it turned into white slime. Suddenly she felt weird and then she was transported back to the control room. And then she sat there watching the film peacefully because she knew she had killed all of the eye eating monsters.

  6. The clumsy boy

    Walking around school, there was a clumsy boy called Ryan. All the time he walked near miniature laces or dangerous places, he broke something. He felt as stupid and idiotic as dumb and dumber combined. Ryan was the only person in his school
    -which was massive- who was super clumsy.
    Saunting down a long, friendly alley way, Ryan saw his friend’s dad and uncle painting a house.”Hi Mat and Dan!”shouting to them whilst waving.
    “Hi Ryan !” replied Mat, with a huge grin on his face.
    “Watch out for the paint pots !” warned Dan, with a nervous look on his face.Bang!!!Ryan crashed straight into the paint pots(which had different colours) and one hit his head, he was knocked out. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a rusty, antique building. It looked as antique as Santa.”I’m dead,” whispered Ryan with a sorrowful look on his face. As ancient as a Stone Age cave, bricks was falling down near him. As lonely as a homeless man, he sighed.
    He didn’t move a muscle so bricks and wood wouldn’t fall on him. Suddenly, a count down started, 5…4…3…2…1…Go. Ryan, had to make it through an obstacle course with out knocking anything over.”Oh no,” Ryan thought to himself with his hands on his face.”Why do I have to so clumsy?” he whispered whilst shaking his head. Just then, something gave him some information for the course.”Oh, if you knock something over…you die,” and then a smiley face appeared. Ryan was as nervous as a person swimming with sharks.
    Ryan closed his eyes then thought to himself,”I can do this,” with his body tensed up. Like a ninja, he jumped over stuff then slid under stuff straight after.”I’m nearly there,” Ryan saw looking ahead. Like a slithery snake, Ryan slid under one more thing and then he was at the finish line. Surprisingly, he didn’t knock anything over. Grinning from ear to ear, Ryan felt relieved and was jumping up and down like someone won the lottery for the first time ever.
    In the corner of his eye, a trophy appeared and the voice started to talk,”Congratulations,you won, here is your reward. A golden trophy with chocolate underneath it.” As soon as Ryan touched the trophy, he was back in real life on the floor.”Where’s my trophy?” puzzled Ryan, grinning like the Grinch. A few days later, Ryan wasn’t that clumsy anymore then a week later he knocked barely anything over.

  7. The Bench
    Tremberling with fear,Marty sprinted at full speed down the gloomy silent path in the mistirious night. His palms were sweating. He was being chased by a group of bullies. The bullies,went to Marty’s school,knew the place like they knew their home. He approached a bench. As soon as he reached the bench he sprang over it…
    Opening his eyes to see that he had got over the bench ,Marty saw he was no longer on the street. Scanning the place,Marty thought it looked like a mineshaft. The mineshaft (which was dilapidated) had an evil look to it . The place looked seemingly deserted. A tingle ran down his spine ,he shivered like he had never shivered before. Suddenly he knew he was not alone. Could the bullies get teleported to the same place if they leap over the same bench ?
    Seconds later, Marty turned round to see if bullies have found him instead he saw a…shadow. “Oh no!” he panted while surging to a gap in the wall to hide in. Marty put some rocks in front of him to hide himself. The thudding of the things feet made Marty petrified. Marty thought he would have a peep through the rocks to see what it was.”It’s the Minotor ” Marty whispered to himself , wiping the sweat off his forehead. The Minotor (which has great huge horns) also has everlasting slower running down it’s chin. Enormous steel aumour to protect itself and two sets of razor-sharp to fight Marty off. Do you think Marty can defeat the Minotor?
    Looking around for a weapon,Marty sighted a sword . “Bring it on ” shouted Marty leaping out of the gap. Marty confidently kicked the Minotor’s aumour off and sliced it through the pectoral and then through the heart.
    Suddenly, Minotor’s aumour hit the floor and found himself back on the street and infront of him the bullies stood. “What shall we do with him boys?”questioned one of the bullies while smashing his fist against his hand.
    “Knock him unconscious then he will forget about it and then he can’t tell anyone,” mentioned one of the other bullies pretending to punch Marty. Marty did not like it so he stamped then clapped and the bullies turned and spurted away.” Ha ha ha” Marty chuckled behind them… Will the bullies back to bully Marty or will they stay away?

  8. The classroom , witch was hot and crowded had lots of eager children in it . Suddenly , the teacher asked a little girl named Isla up to the front to read out the story that she had been writing . Walking slowly up to the front , Isla’s hands were shaking and her legs were like jelly when she got to the front she froze .

    Isla who was still frozen stud there not making a sound then she dropped her book . The second her book touched the ground she found herself in a theatre with thousands of people waiting to watch the show. They all turned round to look at her curling up in to a ball Isla sat down and everyone turned to look at the stage the show had started . Slowly Isla turned away from the stage and took know notice of th show she was holding her ears .

    A few minutes later Isla board of holding her ears so she stud up and took her hands of her ears and turned around to face the stage she looked and listened carefully . After a wile she noticed it was her story being preformed . She thought she would have to read it again out to an even bigger ordinance than her class . A while later she realised she wouldn’t have to . She was confused .

    The show was about 45 minutes long,”was is that really my story I did dent thinck was that good! ” In the time that seemed like a few seconds to Isla someone had filled the stage which flowers . Isla tripped then someone . Isla stud up and walked on to the stage people started to frow flowers at her .

    A rose swiped past her face the second it did she found herself back in the classroom she unfroze poked up her book and read it out to the class they loved it they smiled like they had never smiled before and they all had a happy day at school .

  9. Two girls called Sophie and Molly had to go to their local
    camp but they didn’t want to go. Their parents were going on holiday too so that was why they

    Sophie and Molly were very scared and nervous they had heard scary
    stories about the camp. They knocked on quietly. Suddenly they found their
    self in front of a huge haunted house .

    There was a sign saying “get through the haunted houses with out screaming if not you will be cursed .” The girls made their way through the haunted house with things
    jumping out at them.

    They heard a mans voice calling the next kids want a go. They come out.They were
    very confused. But they weren’t scared any more.

    They returned back in front of the house. They went inside and unpacked and it turned out they loved it and they wanted to live there.

  10. The clown

    Lying in her bed Emma squirmed and thrashed her arms about wildly . “NO,NOOOOO” screamed Emma . She was being chased by a clown , she started to slow down , suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her side she fell to the ground shaking with fear she sat bolt upright .

    Emma rubbed here eyes and found that she wasn’t in her bed anymore . She was lying on the floor of a circus tent with bits of fabric dangling down from the roof and it smelt like rotten popcorn and out of date candy floss . “Hello , where am I “yelped Emma . Distant laughed echoed around the tent and Emma dashed behind a rusty, old motorbike . Her palms were sweating and her heart was pounding .

    “Come out little girl don’t be afraid come and watch the show ” squiled the clown . Emma rose slowly from behind the motorbike. “Your a brave one aren’t you ” murmured the clown hopping on the trapeze . “Normally I have to root them out but you your special yo came straight out “the clown exclaimed swinging the trapeze . The clown did flips and turns in mid air his scarlet hair blowing in his face and he swung and swung until he was tired.

    ” Wow ” exclaimed Emma standing up to aplaud the clown .
    “Thank you for watching the show, I don’t get many visitors around here “yelped the clown “don’t thank me its you who we need to thank” announced Emma holding her hand out and the clown heald his hand out to shake Emma’s hand but as soon as they touched Emma was back in her bed.

    “Oh I’m back it must of been a dream oh well I’ll go back to sleep I’m not scared anymore ” Emma whispered and she dozed of and didn’t have any bad dreamed about clowns anymore.

  11. Flying, Marty was going on holiday it’s taking ages, said Marty itching his his nose . Marty has finally arrived . Marty was walking past the pool,all of a sudden some bullies pushed Marty in the pool Marty was getting really angry. “That’s it shouted Marty” screwing up his face.If you do it again I’ll tell your parents and then you will be in lots of trouble.

    Suddenly Marty felt a big bump on his head, he hit his head at the bottom of the pool. He found himself in the sea. Searching , he saw lots of miniature fish, he saw a baby one,with a big gold and silver necklace. And then he saw a baby dolphin coming to him and it’s family they looked in his eyes and said they sense danger getting closer and closer.

    The danger came to him it was a shark. Running, getting chased a shark Marty wondered if that was all he had in his life. Marty was about to go in the Sharks mouth.
    Scared, Marty wondered if he was day dreaming he punched himself in the face he felt it for shaw but he couldn’t of not been day dreaming so he did it again, and he felt it he must of been dreaming, he thought in his head. But the Sharks mouth was over him.

    Swimming, getting chased by a shark-who looked eager for Marty’s flesh-all of sudden Marty blinked and found himself back in the pool with the bullies in front of him saying MARTY? MARTY?HELLO are you death or something. Can you hear me said the bullie nastily.

    Marty saw the bullies leg so he pulled it really hard. Splash the bullie fell right on his bottom. Crying, the bullie ran away to his mum.

  12. Forest zombies by Lucas

    “Mikey ,”shouted Mikey’s mum like a tiger with toothache “time for bed,”
    “Ok,”yelled Mikey. Mikey ran upstairs put his PJ’s on ,brushed his teeth and opened the door to his bedroom.

    He shivered like he was in the North Pole with just his underwear on. His bedroom was cold dark but very clean he wasn’t a boy with a messy room all the time. As soon has he touched his bed he was in a different place he wasn’t in his bedroom…Legs like jelly, Mikey looked around he realised he was in a forest. “Hello?”said Mikey timidly . Mikey spun around he knew he wasn’t alone…

    “Groan ,” went a weird voice “groan,” it went again. Body shaking ,teeth chattering, Mikey didn’t have a clue how he got there what country he was in and what the groaning was coming from “AHHHH,” screeched Mikey in horror. They were Zombies. Purple veins, rock like skin and mouldy face,they said “brain,” they groaned. Luckily, Mikey out the corner of his eye saw a gun and the biggest hammer he had ever seen.

    Mikey grabbed the hammer and gun BANG the weapons went. Zombies went down but Mikey didn’t because they couldn’t get near him. Only ten were left . Mikey picked up his hammer and started to spin around hit all the zombies and stopped spinning. Mikey had won. In triumph Mikey shot a bullet in the air happily”yahoo,” yelled Mikey.
    Mikey fell over a Zombie. He was back in his cold,dark,but clean bedroom and he now knew that Zombies weren’t real and he would have no nightmares again.

  13. The Movie Theatre

    It was a cold wet day dark and gloomy and the class was reading there story’s out in register order. Suddenly, Ellie’s name came out.She didn’t want to .So Olivia -who is the only bully in the school – was laughing at her. Tessa who is Ellie’s friend is trying to stick up for her.
    Legs trembling,Palms sweating,Teeth chattering,Ellie froze and she threw her book at Olivia. All of a sudden,Ellie got transported to a movie theatre Tessa went with her.
    Olivia followed her there. The place was old and cold and there was food everywhere.
    Tessa and Ellie just noticed that it was her own story that was been showed.
    Suddenly Ellie and Tessa saw Olivia and they ran as fast as they can.
    Heart pounding,Ellie and Tessa got to a group of people who would not move.
    The girls -who are in the middle of the huge group of people-were so scared.All of a sudden they said”please can you move. Fist clenching,Ellie and Tessa rushed through the huge crowd of people.Accidentally,Ellie and Tessa ran to the stage and everyone was clapping which transported them back.Ellie was more confident her
    Story. Sophie-the teacher-told Ellie and Tessa off so Olivia was that jealous that she would like to be my friend. She said that she was sorry that she was mean .

  14. The Dog

    Thinking , Lacey sat in her dark,dull , damp bedroom. Like a pig nervous to go in the mud, she got in a pickle. “Why oh why is my room so boring,” Lacey whispered to her self while sitting up. Heart pounding, she was like a stiff tin.

    She was very confused because she thought there was a massive dog. Like a hamster , she curled up so nervously. As soon as she stroked the dog. BANG. Lacey found herself in a camp site. Swaying, the bushes moved like a ballerina dancing with lights lit on them, audience cheering, and then a curtsy. Swiftly, the grass was like the Antic.

    Like a flash of a car, Lacey saw a dog she was interested in the dog. Did she like the dogs? The dog was a black Labrador ( it is cute ) ,and it looks very cheeky.

    Like a tooth falling out, Lacey played and played she couldn’t stop. Grinning from ear to ear, she had a cheekiest grin on her face in the hole entire world. How come she will play with the dogs now ? Giggling, she could sniff the leafs.

    Like a canon, she through the ball as far as she could. Then when the dog caught it in his mouth… Suddenly, Lacey found her self back in her dull dark damp bedroom. Like a ghost, she could her whispering it was blanket. All she could hear was muttering. Then she decided to believe in herself and she pulled the cover and believed in her self for a long time.

  15. The Food Disasters

    Like a ostrich running away from a cheetah, Marty dashed down the road and into Asda -which was the local supermarket- thinking,”Surely there’s a hiding place in here ” Inches behind him, Jamie (who had never given up on a victim) tried to swipe a punch. Heart thudding, palms sweating, Marty desperately needed a hiding place.”A-ha” Marty said to himself, sprinting as fast as his feet could go managing to get a decent distance on Jamie. Skidding along the floor, Marty slid into the corner of the giant place .

    Bright lights shone on his head and colourful food packets cornered him as though as though they were trying to hunt him down.Walking past Marty, people stared at him as though he was some weird kid playing hide and seek in an enormous supermarket. Then he saw Jamie.”Phew!”he babbled to himself as Jamie turned down another isle. He leaned back in relief. But as he did he hit the shelf. He looked up to see a one hundred gram bag of flour pouring in his eyes. As he rubbed the flour out of his eyes, he found himself in a giant , colourful room , which smelt of chicken , with light shimmering down on the beautiful table. But for some strange reason, the kitchen seemed colossal. Wherever he was he was no longer in Asda.

    Suddenly a glass smashed right behind him behind him and a shudder ran down his his spine. Marty froze. Slowly, he turned round and his eyes met fangs dripping with geeky saliva and green bullet like eyes stared at him from it’s fury , deep black face. “OH MY GOSH!” He shrieked, as he turned and sprinted as fast as his little legs could take him. The ginormous (which had four eyes) spider chasing close behind him. He ran until he had no where else to go. He was cornered…

    Marty looked around trying to find somewhere to get away but there wasn’t one. Then he looked up.”A-ha,” he said to himself, starting to climb the ridges on the cupboard door. A few minutes later, he was at the top. He needed something desperately because the petrifying spider was nearly at the top. Panicking, shaking, worrying, he frantically ran around the the top of the cupboard.” Surely there is something here,” he thought, looking all around him. “Oh yes !” He yelled. Marty started to jump trying to reach the cupboard handle just above him.” Yes!”he yelled as he clung onto the the handle. Cautiously, he opened the door of the cupboard and grabbed a bag of flour. Full of relief, he jumped down as the spider reached the top. Carefully, Marty-who was scared out of his wits – chucked the bag of flour at the fiend. Trying to rub the flour out of his eyes, the the spider couldn’t see a thing and he was walking all over the place. Frightened but excited, Marty tried to nudge the as spider off the edge …

    With all his might,Marty shoved the enormous spider of the edge. As soon as the monstrosity hit the floor, Marty found himself back in Asda with Jamie still sprinting around. Like an eagle, he spotted Marty… Marty’s jaw dropped in horror. Jamie came charging after him. Slipping on the shiny floor, Jamie smashed into a dilapidated shelf knocking all of the groceries all over himself. Aware of danger, Marty trotted over and picked the food of him. “Thanks,” thanked Jamie,”I really appreciate it.” Jamie pulled himself up and questioned,” Do you want to go to the park at three with me and Tim?”
    “Yeah that would be great you can have lunch at mine and I’ll take you,” answered Marty.”Ok,” Jamie laughed and they both ran home laughing.

  16. The barn

    Like a cheater Marty – who dashed down the narrow stairs -went towards the year 1 playground to hide in the chicken coop. Hart pounding ,lips drying up Marty dashed . As Marty arrived at the chicken coop he tripped up but Marty it back , up and hide in the chicken coop Marty new it was a good place to hide.

    At first,Marty could see two chicks and they smelt disgusting. The chicken coop -which was as smelly as a dump yard – had poo and wee scared all around it . As the chicks came towards him Marty found him self in a farm. It smelt a lot like the chicken coop. He had a feeling he was not alone.

    Marty could hear rattling behind him. As Marty turned around, he could see 4 giant legs. He thought they were part of a spider, but spiders have 8 legs not 4. The spider head peeked round. The spider was in a farm house. Surrounding the spider was hay and poop. Marty froze.

    The farmer came back from his lunch break way all the spider escaped the barn. The farmer came charging towards Marty to save him. However, Marty didn’t need saving because the the spider stopped and froze. As soon as the spider froze, it trapped the pigs in there barn. So Marty and the farmer pushed the spider towards a cattle grid. “This is so hard,” said Marty, While pushing the spider into the cattle grid.

    With a huge grin on his face, Marty held out his hand out to shake the farmers hand and cried, “Thank you so much!” But as soon as Marty’s hand meet the farmers , Marty found himself out side of the chicken coop. The bully was Marty’s old friend but they fell out. As Marty ran past a broken grid the bully fell in. Marty said “do not you need help Tom.”
    “Please can you help me,”said Tom.
    “Ok!”said Marty. So Marty did. They become friends again.

  17. The Rocket League Match

    Talking as a group,Harry,Frazer and Danny were chatting about Rocket League when all of a sudden Lucas came over Lucas (who was an very mean and irritating bully) disliked Rocket League so he bullied them

    Lucas thought he was amazing at it despite he had only played it once ,then cockily he said “I would beat you in a one versus three !”Then Danny replied sarcastically
    “Oh really?” Lucas answered back
    “Yeah!” Then all of a sudden they were in cars then they realised they were in Rocket League cars.It was a boiling hot day, the sun was shining and it felt like they were right next to it . They were in a stadium,which was called Mannfield, and they were so excited. Frazer shouted “Oh my goodness we are actually in Rocket League!”

    But they had one problem if they didn’t win they could never get out of Rocket League,but if they did win they can make Lucas stop bullying them. They really needed to win, the sky was clearer than glass it was blue like the Pacific Ocean.

    The game took 5 minutes Harry,Frazer and Danny dominated. They scored some really good goals,spinning in the air back flipping, front flipping. They were so amazed they could do that in cars.All of a sudden , a timer went of 5…4…3…2…1… that was the end of the game.

    In a matter of seconds, they found them selves back in the real world. In the playground they were talking among themselves saying “what just happened?”
    “I don’t know.”replied Frazer
    “All I know is we just beat Lucas in a one versus three, then we celebrated and found our selves back in the playground.” Danny explained. Then Lucas came over but before he said anything Frazer , Harry and Danny stood up to Lucas and demanded him to stop bullying them and leave them alone. Lucas walked away and didn’t bother them for the rest of play

  18. The alien on Mars

    Jim,who was getting chased by a bully,sprinted through nasa while they were on a school trip.The bully,who was called Tim,was Jim’s closest friends ran in between workers.Jim,who was blinking back his tears ,ran into a wall with all the pictures of all the famous space men who made it to the moon.Tim,jumped over a banana peel slipped on a scarlet carpet .As Jim turned the corner he saw a door that said staff only it was a solid door a fire door to be exact so Tim would not get in that quick .Jim walked in the door and slammed it behind him.The room was dark gloomy and abandoned for now.While Tim was hammering on the door. Jim stud up but when Jim got up he pressed a button.

    All of a sudden Jim got transported to what he thought a desert but no it was Mars Jim was shouting “hello! hello! is anyone there!” Jim was bewildered he did not know where he was he looked around for people but no one was there .Jim said to him self “where am I ” Jim looked around again for people he started walking north because he lived up north.

    Jim could her some noses from a near by cave it sounded like a lion munching on prey.Jim was curios to see what it was so he walked to where the nose was coming from .When Jim reached the nose he looked into a dark cave the cave was dilapidated and gloomy when Jim looked in he saw a blue, tall, slim and slimy figure in the cave munching on a plant.
    The monster took one look at Jim and finished the plant off and ran at Jim ran like the wind trying not to be monster food Jim ran through the lonely desert .The monster was right behind him.Jim found a dark cave Jim said in his head “this looks like a good place to hide.”

    The alien fell over and hurt his leg Jim carefully thought about helping the alien up.he finally made up his mind to help the alien up as soon as Jim’s hand touched the aliens slimy hand he got transported back to the control room at nasa.

    Tim was still hammering on the door the hinges were shacking the door could come of because Tim was the strongest in the whole class.when Jim got up and walked to the door because Tim saw the door handle move so he moved back .A person who walked by did not see Tim so Tim got knocked over when Jim came out of the control room he saw Tim sitting on the floor Jim went to help Tim up.Jim said”do you want to go back to the class with me”why not”replied Tim

  19. Middle aged mayhem

    “Mum the phone’s ringing like mad,” bawled Becky, galloping like a racehorse, seeing if she’d got the part in the TV show she recently volunteered for. Like a fox to a mouse, Becky, after answering the phone call, leaped up and down like she was on a pogo stick, squeaking like a baby rodent calling for it’s mother,” Mum! I got the part!”

    A week later, Becky thought it had been forever since she broke the news about the phone call “Oh my god, Oh my god,” she repeatedly whispered, hoping nobody would notice her lips moving.” Hello, you must be Becky,” came two voices in front of her. She glanced upwards and to her surprise, the voices came from the show leaders Jack and Katie. Fists clenching, eyes watering, legs like jelly, Becky softly replied, ” “Yeah that’s me alright.”
    “Let’s get you on set then,” gladly suggested Katie, smiling at Becky with joy. On the magical, wonderful set, the camera started rolling. But the pressure was too much for Becky, she froze like an ice block.” Are you alright love,” called Jack,” Do you want us to give you a short break?”
    “It’s ok we’ll give you a break,” called Katie “Cut!” Everything went pitch black,…there was only glimmers of light which seemed to be coming from old, ancient pubs. This which seemed like a town, only made her realise…she was in the Middle Ages!She was on the brink of thinking that the place was empty…there was a quick movement behind her. Then, I front of her were…around three farmer peasants with pitchforks.

    The three horrible, dirty things inched forwards slightly but even that was enough to terrify her. She ran. Pointing pitchforks at Becky they too ran but after her. Palms sweating, fists clenching she felt her legs weakening under her. Becky had to slow down or she’d trip and that would mean that the savages behind her would capture her. Suddenly, she froze and turned around like an owl’s head. The farmers didn’t know what they were running towards.

    “Oi back off,” ranted Becky, “Just because you’ve got the pitchforks doesn’t mean you can push me around if you want to!” She ranted more and more but it was no use, the farmers didn’t listen. The peasants hurtled towards Becky and the defenceless girl ran for her dear life. An antique house. This was her chance…to escape! Becky hammered the door shut. As she did so she found herself…back in the TV set.

    Then,Becky realised that running isn’t always the best answer. “Let’s get this show on the road!”exclaimed Becky relaxing her body. After the final set, she knew she was a confident young lady. Slumping into her dressing room chair, noticed something which is you can conquer any fear to this very day.

    By Ruby W 5D ??❤️❤️

  20. Save the digmon in ROBLOX 1. By Toby N

    Running vas fast as lightning, Toby (who was scared of basically everything ) was being chased by some colossal strong boys . Blinking back his tears,Toby ran into the game room . The game room had a claw machines with lots of goodies in it and their was game mechanism with flashing lights on the outside. Just outside of the game room was a dilapidated ancient shed were the boys were planing out a plan. Toby hid behind a the game machine called ROBLOX it had lots of buttons all different colours and it had levers probably the size of a small lizard. Toby clicked on a small red flashing button and then their was a green portal with some square then
    Toby stuck in . When he was in the portal their was no gravity. Then suddenly,he landed in a big rocky brown cannon were ” we’re was I ?” What do I do ?” Toby thought to himself
    Suddenly, the rules of the game came up he had to build a den and kill the zombie army! He was In a game ! So he stared to build a den . I build guns and bombs and lightsabers and arrows walls as tall as the sky the base was ready
    WAVE ONE : wave one had lots of zombies Toby said in a frightening voice but all of the guns shot them down but the zombies destroyed them and destroyed them selfs . Wave 2 they was trolls as tall as a tree with hammer . Toby fired the cannons and through the lightsabers and fired the arrows .
    Just then , a boy appeared and said ” stand up to anything you don’t want .” Then he disappeared. So , he pulled out his diamond sword and swished his diamond sword
    All of the zombies and trolls died . As soon as he saved the digmon …
    “BOOM! ” he was back in the game room and the boys was at the door . He made him Self look tall and walk up to them confidently and shouted “No !”

    The End

  21. The game story
    Playing on his Xbox,Michael sat in his enormous dark room was playing a shooting game and one person was kept chasing him . Michael clenched his fists and he felt like he wanted to hit someone. When he got shot he teleported into the game. It was loud,scary,dark and smoky.
    Michael didn’t have a gun in the game but suddenly his cousin came to help him. He had a gun that he gave to Michael. Michael felt revengeful, he held his gun out and the boy who chased him fell. Michael and his cousin smiled.
    Accidentally the gun went off with a giant explosion…Michael was back in his room and the boy in the game was gone.

  22. The minecraft dragon

    Siting in his bed room playing his favourite game minecraft Marty was getting annoyed because some one kept killing him. To stop him breaking the TV he keeps on mutering I will get my own back . But the problem is Marty didn’t know how. Kicking the bean bag because he was killed again he said can this day get any worse. Sweaty palms and legs trembling Marty sat back down and looked round the game world. Bang! Bang! Bang! Mary was killed again by the same person Marty felt like he was going to explode . A tear ran down his face as Marty relized he was really bad at the game. Then he shouted,”this game is stupid “while he kicked his bean bag again this time he was inches away from hitting the TV. Marty really wanted his own dack.

    Sitting back down on his bean bag Marty started to look round the room he looked at the picture when he first got minecraft. He looked at the picture when he won one of the mini games and he felt his nice squishy bed because it always made him feel better. Marty picked the controller and started to run then he sprinted he ran up a green mountain then killed a pig ate it and ran down the muddy side of the mountain and stopped to kill a cow to eat just then. Bang! Bang! Bang! Marty was killed again so he pressed respawn and he spawned next to a chest so he opened it and found a axe and a bow and arrow also some armour that he put on. So then he climbed up the rock face until he was at a good place to hide,he looked round the world it had a waterfall on the other side and it was very rocky. Just then he slipped behind the wall and blinked.

    “This is strange,” said Marty looking for his bed. The thing was Marty was not in his room anymore. He had his legs trembling at the sight it was a fire breathing bird he thought then he realised it was a black dragon with purple eyes and the huge dragon kept on circling the skies. Marty tried to run away but if he did he would of fell off the world and died. The world that Marty was in was black with a green sponge looking floor and black poles with purple lights on the top Marty said to himself “this is scary” while he was trying to stop his legs from trembling. Then he realised he had been there before but not as himself.

    So Marty knew how to destroy the dragon but last time he died. Then he felt two objects dig into his back Marty took them off there was an axe and a bow and arrow. So Marty put back the bow and arrow he walked towards one of the poles. When he reached the pole he started to swing the axe at the pole very dangerously until it fell down and then he destroyed the light. Marty did the same on every one the light gave the dragon health that is why he did it. Then he swapped the axe for the bow and arrow and started to fire arrows at the dragon. It was a huge fight it went arrow shot dragon hit fire blown missed Marty. It went on for ages until the dragon had one life left and Marty had not been hit until Marty was getting his arrow he forgot to look to see if any fire was coming down and then the fire hit him he had one life left as well. But the good thing was Marty was loaded so Marty shot POW it hit the dragon Marty had. WON!

    Marty blinked and he was back in his room. Marty knew what to do he ran up the hill and got out his axe. So he made a square building then he kept on staring at the door like he had learnt in the world then the person appeared. Bang! Bang! Bang! … Marty had won! Marty jumped with joy he was gob smacked.

  23. War game

    Oscar was lay down in the lounge it was cosy and comfortable he had the fire on he felt like paradise while he was on his xbox.” Oscar” shouted his mum vicki as she came into the lounge”I’am nipping round the block”. “Okay” he replied. As his mum left his xbox went ping Oscar was getting fed up of this it was Ollie has been being mean to Oscar” I’am fed up” he moaned as the xbox was going ping. Ollie was saying “you big fat cheater” . Oscar- who was a genius- had a idea.They both angrily ,had a sweat which was dripping down their face but they both still pressed the button.
    Because they both pressed the button they end up in a wild forest .They heard hissing, crackling and things jumping out emerald green leaves but the thing they were barely any over colour but green then he saw a brain eating Zombie the only way to kill them but un luckily they just kept responding everywhere in they started to soured Oscar and Ollie in the end they ended up to work together was it a bad idea.yes.
    All monster were after them it was the end of the world they were going to die. Every single monster the game had to offer attract them it was way to hard for them . They killed about ten they need to kill more so they can get better weapons to kill one after the over.Angrily, he is going to kill them but they kept responding everywhere they will never get better weapons so they need to get out of there it was wild it was vey sad that is because they missed there family’s.

    They had a plan they were in the game they could steal the weapons.The boy/ who were thrilled / killed more zombies . Running ,through the wild emerald green forest they start jumping out at the creatures and only had 1 million left but they forgot to add the over 9 million so they had 10 million. Sweating as fast as a bear . Dragging their feet behind him trying to kill more.” Oh how many more left it took hours” ” like nine million ” ” no” cried Ollie as he put his gun in position pow pow “make it 1million ” they yelled in happiness. They soured the last five one after the over they were all died.

    After a while,the zombies were all gone just in time for Oscar’s mum to come it was like they didn’t even go in to his favourite game. Now the enemy’s are both best friends it was all ways team war they were both team war champions they did not hate each over anymore. Oscar and Ollie are both best friends if they are not on the game they are at the arcade.

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