8 sentence challenges

Year 5 have been working hard learning and practising lots of different sentence types to use in our writing. As a challenge, we were set the task of writing the most amazing descriptive paragraph using the image below. We were only allowed to write 8 sentences so we had to make sure that each one was powerful. We hope you enjoy reading some of our work!



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  1. Sweets.On all the tables I could see were sweets!My mouth was watering.My tummy crying.I turned to my dad,who gets me what I want,he said nothing.He had already read my mind.I scanned the room there were:Toxic waste,foam ice creams,chewy drumsticks,bouncing marshmallows,chocolate m&ms,skittles and fizzy,strawberry rolls.They all went into my bag,they sang softly to me all the way home.

  2. Hungry,ecstatic and joyful I gazed at the mouthwatering ,breathtaking ,shiny sweetie stall. I saw:cola bottles,amazing marshmallows,sour lollipops ,crispy chocolate and delicious drumsticks I heard the cola bottles begging me to take them so I did.they were as cheap as bread! I carefully cycled home with the sweet,sticky and scrumptious sweet’s at my dry finger tips. I chewed and chewed as the flavours came rushing at me. But after I ate them I felt super sick.

  3. Mouth-watering eyes bulging and stomach roaring, me and my brother sped towards the magical ,alluring sweet shop, hoping today would be our lucky day!The sweets were as colourful as a rainbow and as tasty as the Queen’s banquet. There we saw:towers of stripy,multi coloured marshmallows delicious drumsticks,jugs full of brain busting , sour cola bottles and rich ,creamy chocolate slabs. My brothers pun round to me with a glint in his eye.Instantly , we read each other’s minds .Quick as a flash,we filled our baskets , which were as big as my brother, then headed to the counter to cash in our money. Elated , jolly and ecstatic , I handed in my money. We hurried home with the sweets singing softly to us the whole way back.

  4. Beaming,overjoyed and exited I looked up at the table where I found so many lush sweets. There were: marshmallows as fluffy as clouds,lolly pops,chocolate everything you could imagine. It was amazing incredible, it was a dream come true I had a sugar rush. Nothing could stop me it was just me and the sweets as they danced around the table. When I got home, my tummy was crying. Frantically,speedily and clumsily I tripped up on my way downstairs I was on my way to have tea but I knew I couldn’t eat anymore. My mum was going to find out what was I going to do?

  5. Heart pulsing ,mouth watering and stomach groaning, I begged my kind,generous mum to get me some sweets. I surged into the store ,which was bright and blue,grabbing everything in site. Full of Joy ,hungry and overwhelmed,I could smell the vivid,Oder the smell was as nice as flowers . There were:colas,toxic waste moams ,lollies and gummy bears . On the way back,my sister read my mind. We scoffed our faces on the way back having a great time. Wordily and frantically,we rushed home hoping our food didn’t run back out.

  6. Excited,hungry and eager, I ran to the colourful sweet stall. I could see delicious, rainbow sweets and excited, cheerful children.The sweets I could see included:Fizzy cola bottles,chewy drumstick and gummy bears.

  7. Mouth-watering breathtaking loving,I ran to the beautiful,amazing, delicious sweet stand. I looked at the sweets they talk to me and said “eat me”. I begged my friend to buy the gorgeous sweets. In a blink of an eye he bought all of them. The sweets are my heaven the sweets are as good as gold. When we ate them all I was hyper I need more and more I tell you. Meanwhile I calm down I went to the dentist and came back and ate them one at a time.

  8. Walking my dog near the sweet shop, I saw new, delicious sweet’s. I went in where there was a shelf coved with minty sweet’s. Wonderful, hungry, delighted , I grabbed as many bolls as I could. I got looses lolly, long moum, popping fizzy treats. Quickly, frantically, I got my money rushed over to the counter where a kind, lovely lady was standing. After I got my sweet’s, me and my dog ran home singing and barking. When I got home I ran up stairs to my bedroom while watching tablet and eating my sweet’s.

  9. Calmly and happily,I was waking along with Poppy,then suddenly she pulled me off the pavement towards the colourful,magical sweet stall.Mouth-watering,eyes bulging and tummy rumbling,I glazed at the sweet stall.Iran over there with Poppy.Existed,hungry and elated,I searched of the sweets which look tasty:Fizzy cola bottles,chewy drumstick and gummy bear.

  10. My mouth watering, eyes darting, tummy growling. I charged to the mountain of sweets. Then I looked back at my dad and he gave me the money. Then before I knew it i stuffed my bag with sweets there were: Gummy bears, fluffy marshmallows, chewy toffees and cherry lollipops. I couldn’t wait long until I ate them but they did make me feel sick.

  11. As I was walking past the shops,I spotted an enchanting sweet shop.I went in,I could see right in the middle a legendary bucket of toxic waste.It only costed £2.50 .so I bought it,I all most fainted .Relived Amazed and exited I bought the huge batch of toxic waste. As quickly as a dog getting its dinner I started to suck one which was red raspberry the sourest one there is in the red pack. Quickly and excitedly, I swallowed my first sweet of toxic waste and I loved it. So we marched out of the shop and back home.

  12. With my mouth watering tummy gurgling , eyes searching I took a glimpse into the sweet sorrowing candy. With my eyes leaking and my tummy screaming , I walked into the delightful sweet store. As I glared at my mum to get me some sweets , she said “ok.” I got a bag full of sweets . We paid for the sweets . I trailed on in front of my mum as we got home I knew I was going to feel sick soon . We walked into the house . I began to eat my sweets my mum ate some to . I felt sick I wish I didn’t eat all of those sweets.

  13. Happy,excited and hungry, I ran towards the magical and colourful sweet stall.Mouthwatering my eyes starred as if I was an eagle looking for its prey. Then in a blink of an eye I saw them : Stripy Marshmallows,Sticky Drumsticks , Licrious and Sweet Sour Lemon Lollipops. I turned to my mum slowly and pleasingly. She read my mind. Silently I filled my basket I heard the Sticky Drumsticks shouting , “Take me.” So I took them. I whispered to my mum , “This is like a huge Callosal mountain but just with treats!” Meanwhile I was filling my basket up with sweets I thought to myself the sweet stall is one big sweet mountain. Then it was time to pay I turned to my mum, who always has the money, then it was time to go home.

  14. Mouth watering and tummy rumbling, we stood there bewildered and intrigued. Before I knew it my basket was popping with yummy, heart warming sweets like: mind bobbling mentoes, sweet and sour strawberries and best of all treacherous toxic waste! We did not want to leave! I then started to eat all the sweets. I know that mum told me not to but I couldn’t let my hungry, eager taste buds wait any longer. I ate more and more and more until I started to feel a bit strange? Mum asked “Are you ok?” Then I muffled “WHERES THE TIOLET!”

  15. The sweet shop door was open wide. As I walked towards it I could see a colourful tablecloth. The sweets I could see included: fizzy cola bottles, chewy drumsticks and gummy bears.

  16. Amazed, hungry, delighted, I glanced around the market and I saw a delicious sweet stall. Immediately I rushed over with no time to lose! My eyes were bigger than my belly. There they were: gooey jelly beans, sticky drumsticks, colourful Maoam , sherbet laces, surgery, swirly sweet marshmallows. The table looked like heaven . I could hear the gummy bears whispering “buy me buy me,” Frantically and carefully, I knew what I had to do I reached into my bag for my purse I filled my basket up to the very top. I handed my money to the lady , who had brown hair , she took it gladly.

  17. Happy, exited and wild, me and my sister, Chloe ran to the town square, we gazed around looking for Mr. Curry’s confectionary store. When we reached the store, there was a ginormous picture of Mr. Curry holding paper baskets, so we picked a basket each and chose some sweets. We chose: sticky drumsticks, delicious gummy ice cream, fizzy cola bottles and yummy gummy bears. It was fun. Once our baskets were full, Chloe handed over the money to the old rusty robot behind the counter. It was an excellent trip. So we said our good byes a nod left the confectionery store and headed for home. It was a trip with my sister well spent.

  18. Amazed,mouth-watering and hungry, I ran as fast as I could to the gorgeous, sugary stall! I saw the ice-cream cones there was everything you could wish for. My mum said that we could have some, so I filled my bag up! I couldn’t resist not taking a nibble. It was like I was in heaven. In the car I was still eating it. I didn’t want to leave, I felt like jumping out of the car and filling up my bag. I wish I would of listened to my mum when she said, “Okay but you will feel sick.” That’s what she said after I ate all of them.

  19. Mouth watering,eye popping,tummy crying I glared at the magical,luxurious candy store.Franticly and hungrily I rushed over it was like heaven.I gazed into my dads eyes,he read my mind.I had a sugar rush just picking the lovely sweets.There were millions such as:fizzy cola bottles,marshmallows,chewy drumsticks and toxic waste.The second my dad passed the money over I eat them all in one go.on the way back I shouted”WHERES THE TOLITE!!!!!!!

  20. Mouthwatering tummy rumbling eyes bulging I looked at all the glorious sweets I was gob smacked. I was frozen. As quick as a flash I got a basket I got all of my favourite sweets: moams, toxic waste mentos jolly ranchers marshmallows bountys and American lolly pops. I turned to my mummy who always has the money and she payed. We went home. Tummy gurgling, “Oh no where’s the toilet!”

  21. Mouth-watering, amazed, bewildered, my eyes against the glass staring into what I would call heaven. Desperate, ecstatic and starving, I had to have all of them the: rainbow marshmallows, the chewy sugary lollipop, the squishy Turkish delight, I was about to faint. So for a while I waited for my mum, who was very far behind, frantically I started pacing back and forwards waiting…waiting…and waiting. I could hear the sweets crying out to me saying, “Eat me.” Finally, after what felt like an hour she came to me. Was I allowed some, would she say yes? Well, there was only one way to find out so I asked her and she said, “You can have one of each.” My hart bursting with excitement, I was over joyed , delighted and amazed that she had let me have some. Just then, I started stuffing my face like a pig . If I he’d mure money I would buy all the sweats in the cart.

  22. My tummy watered lake a waterfall. Lovely and yummy all the sweets and chocolate
    Made me hungry. Looking pushing and fighting l tried to look for my fave sweets
    Strawberry lolly pops , drumsticks, marshmallows and cake! Lovely and jubbly, I turned to my brother (because he has all the money). We grabbed loads and it looked like they were jumping in the basket.

  23. Walking in the street with my friend Natalya, I spot: melting marshmallows, colourful lollypops, lovely sour, fizzy cola bottles, horrible toxic waste. Sickly, horribly I turned to Natalya and said, “Oh my God!” She replied, “I could not eat them…” That minute I saw about 10 people in the shop, stuffing their faces like a a bird eating its pray. The kids, who were gobbling the sweets looked like PIGS!

  24. I was walking across the pier in Wales when my eyes got caught on a sweet shop .Excited,happily and amazed I walk to the sweet shop.I ran, the rest of them walked,meanwhile I was gobsmacked .This enticing shop with it’s sweets .Suddenly I felt somebody tap my shoulder,who was my nana, she questioned ” what would you like Daniel ,that was my name ,”I will have the usual nana.” These are some of my favourite things:haribows strawberries haribows.so we ate them all help please wait a minute where’s the loo the end.

  25. Strolling past,l spotted the magnificent sweet shop.Gob smacked,belly gurgling and mouth watering, I walked in. In a blink of an eye, I had filled my basket like I had not eaten in a week. All the way home I was stuffing my face with sweets. When I got home I still had lots left . Sweet and sower lolly pops and stripy marshmallows and lot’s more.

  26. Mouth-watering ,knee-wobbling and eye-popping,I saw,in the corner of my eye,the most amazing thing, nothing could be better. It was a table full of magnificent mind-
    blowing sweets:Moams chocolates fizzy cola bottles and haribo’s ,everything you could eat’!!!!! It was a stall bringing me for a closer look.As I got closer and closer ,I thought,is this real? The stall ,which caught my eye, was very alluring. The love hearts looked so delicious , I swore I saw them beating.

  27. Delightful,delicious,scrumptious I wish I could buy them with pride.In a blink of an eye,I drove past the sweet shop by accident . So I stopped and pulled over just to go in the sweet shop.Suddenly I opened the door and my eyes dropped onto the floor.When I looked at the sweets and my stomach was swelling up.”Where’s the bathroom!”Randomly,I finally came out off the bathroom but I still want all the sweets so I bought all the sweets.

  28. Oh my goodness Year 5! Your descriptive paragraphs about the picture of sweets were absolutely fabulous! I am so impressed with your use of different sentence types. I am amazed that although you were only allowed to write 8 sentences, you all wrote such powerful and compelling descriptions. I can’t wait to read more of your work. Keep it coming!
    From a very proud Miss Garside

  29. After having spoken to some children in year 5 about their sentence writing. I decided to check it out on the Blog! I have to say that I am very impressed. My mouth was watering as I read your work. Yum yum!
    From Mrs Richardson

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