October Half Term Homework – 8 sentence challenge

Hi Year 5,

We hope you are having a fabulous holiday so far! For homework over the half term, we have set you a descriptive writing challenge, like the ones we do in class.

Look closely at the image below.

Your challenge is to write the most amazing descriptive paragraph, but here’s the catch: You can only write 8 sentences! Think about your sentence types, sentence starters, adjectives, punctuation and conjunctions.

Make sure you edit and improve your writing before submitting your final version on to the blog!

(If access to the internet is limited – you can complete this on the sheet provided before we broke up.)

If you look back on the blog, you will see the descriptive writing that last year’s Year 5 children wrote. Feel free to magpie ideas!


Miss Knight and Miss Drinkwater



Sentence types you could use include:

  • relative clause/noun, who/where/which, verb (The astronaut, who was on her first mission, could not believe her luck.)
  • list: (He look around him and saw: crumbling rocks, dry, dusty land and a pitch black sky.)
  • 2A/expanded noun phrase (The still, quiet atmosphere made the shaking, quivering astronaut feel strangely calm.)
  • 3 ing starter (Heart pounding, palms sweating and eyes glistening, he stepped out of the rocket.)
  • 3 feeling starter (Excited, proud but nervous, she took in the sights.)
  • 2 ly starter (Nervously and cautiously, he stepped out of the rocket.)
  • onomatopoeia! (Crash! The rocket crumbled to pieces.)
  • personification (The stars danced in the sky.)
  • metaphors (The stars were sparkling diamonds.)
  • similes (He ran as fast as a cheetah, he ran like a cheetah.)

50 thoughts on “October Half Term Homework – 8 sentence challenge

  1. There I was. Sitting on the moon “Aren’t I lucky,” I thought. I took a deep breath and looked around me I saw; the world, planets, stars and moon rock. “No one in my family had been able to fly to the moon,2 I thought. ZOOM!!! In the blink of an eye,a shooting star flew past my head. I gasped and made a wish. I wish I could stay on the moon forever but I have other planets to visit…

  2. CRASH! My space ship landed nose first into a colossal pot hole. Scrambling out of my wrecked space capsule, I nervously put my foot on the rugged ground and gazed around this isolated planet. Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would achieve this. Wrapping my arms around my shivering body I suddenly felt as cold as the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. However there was not a raindrop in sight and the ground was as dry as the Kalahari Desert. In the distance was a perfect sphere twirling round in the darkness of space. As I sit taking in the awesome sight of the glowing Earth it suddenly dawns on me that I am alone. Checking my oxygen tank I realised I hadn’t got long left so I decided to let myself go and dance with the stars

  3. Stunned, shocked and surprised I stared at this huge multicoloured sphere, astounded. Is this really earth? Slowly, I scampered to my feet in my huge, luminous spacesuit. Nervously and cautiously, I stared across the desolate wasteland of the moon. I was alone. Terrified, I picked up my mumbling communicator only to find there was no one on the other side. Suddenly, I heard a noise like the roar of a mighty lion except it was…the rocket! Eyes watering, heart thumping and mouth grinning, I leaped onto the roaring spaceship to leave for home.

  4. The man sat down to the :blue,white,green universe.
    The rocks looked like massive turtles.
    Where the universe who the man which planet earth.
    The sad,helpless man had no gravity every step that he took he nearly fel into deep dark space.smiling,chirping,thinking that’s a big achievement .
    Crashing!! A rocket came landing down.
    As he walked to the rocket he looked at the stars they were dancing.
    He ran faster then stars zooming to the rocket.

  5. After a long, bumpy travel into space astronaut, Max Mountain, finally reached his destination – the Moon. Max had always dreamt of walking on the Moon and what it would feel like. Exhausted and with achy bones, he carefully sat down on the rock hard ground of the Moon. Finally! Max stretched out his legs like human bridge. With space suit protection gloves Max slowly wiped his visor clean. There it was: a giant ball called Earth. “Wow, how beautiful is our Earth!” he gasped. But then Max felt terribly homesick…

  6. The astronaut, who as a little girl had only dreamt of this moment, looked back at the Earth that she had left only days before. The Earth filled the sky like a colossal cloud. Although she had never been more alone, she felt like she connected with every person on Earth. The stars were dancing gracefully in the sky like ballerinas. It felt like her worries were being washed away by the Universe. All was quiet except for the ‘thump thump’ of her heart. The moon and stars were as bright as a nightlight, shimmering in the gloomy unilluminated galaxy. It felt like time itself had stopped.

  7. CRASH!the astronaut wiped the blood and dust from his face after the frightening and scary crash onto the moon. He tried with all his strenghto open the destroyed door of his space ship.Finally,with the strength of a boboon the door flew open and he stepped out onto the quiet, deserted and rocky moon with his heart beating out of his chest and his legs were shaking like jelly. Floating like a tether, the astronaut wondered how he was going to get back down to earth without a space ship.In the distance he saw the brightest jewel coming towarst him, “Could it be someone coming to rescue me?”Out of the shadows he heard a voice saying “hello.” Wow it was help.Finally. THE END

  8. Heart beating, ears listening and legs tingling, the astronaut stepped onto the mysterious moon. Silently and softly he sat on the bumpy, dusty moon surface. He sat as still as a dark moon rock. The moon rock lay gazing at the beautiful Earth. Scared, nervous but astounded he stared, speechless, at his home planet. The swirling green and blue sphere, Earth, was as beautiful as a majestic queen. The dark void carrying twinkling, shining stars went on forever to the galaxy and beyond. The astronaut felt like the tiniest, loneliest speck in the universe.

  9. Yesterday, I decided to go to the moon in my imaginary space rocket. I put on my extravehicular mobility unit or EMU to those in the know ;). I packed a deckchair, a little fridge, a bin (because I am environmentally aware), and most importantly, freeze-dried food and water! I climbed onto my bed and took hold of the flight control system; pressing buttons here, there and everywhere! As my rocket rotated into outer space, I could see the moon far away. Boom! I used my rocket thrusts to zoom me to the moon. Once I had landed on the surface of the moon, I unpacked my stuff and found a nice spot among the rocks. I was speechless as I looked at the majestic, ginormous and glorious planet which was Earth.

  10. Space Traveller

    As the beautiful,silent earth watched over the adventureous,kind astronaut he stared at the life below him that he left behind.Scared,nervous but excited he started to explore the abandoned moon.Suddenly, he saw it the glistening sun that made his adventure a reality shining at him. Crash! A meteor shook the ground and knocked him off his feet. Steadily, the astroraunt slowly got up on to his feet and made it back to the space ship.Worrying,panicking and crying his flight home was gone.How can he get home?

  11. Hip, hip , hooray the astronaut has landed. In a good mood the astronaut hopped out of the space ship , happy that he was there. He stared at this colossal circular object , floating above him. “It’s so beautiful,” muttered the astronaut. All he could see was the twinkling stars surrounding him. All he could hear was peace of the earth. And all he could feel was the chill of the air. He thought to himself will the moon be here forever.

  12. Steadily, carefully and quietly I tiptoed on the bright, rocky moon. When I found the perfect spot on the moon I gazed curiously at the earth. How could it be so big? So I decided that I would have a peaceful relax. After 30 minutes I went to put my things away when I realized… that I’d dropped the keys to the spaceship! As soon as possible I dropped everything, where were they? Could it be? Am I lost in space, am I able to go home?

  13. I started staring back at earth, missing home so badly. This atmosphere Was so different here : there were no cars , trains, trees , life .no one in my happy , friendly family would dare step foot on the dry, rocky moon . Quickly, frantically I looked around no one but me . Upset, sad, lonely I had no one to talk too . CRASH! A rocket was hit by a space rock so it was forced to have a crash landing on the moon . We took off on our one way ticket to home BOOM our space rocket got hit we were knocked onto Jupiter what was going to happen next?

  14. The glistening, colossal spaceship left the coulerfull, beautiful atmasthere into space on the journey to Jupiter. peacefully and calmly the ship headed deeper and higher into space. As the ship was about to pass the moon there was a sudden CRASH an astroid had hit the rocket the astranorts had to make a crash landing on to the moon. The astranorts looked to see if anything was damaged there was a damaged, engineering, wing and exelarator. Panaking, panting and hulsinating they looked around to see if anyone was there but it was just them. It was as likes lifles as a abondoned house. Confused, sad but exited they loaded every thing of the ship. They jumped of the moon to dance with the stars because they had no hope that someone was going to rescue the and from that day they knew that they were stranded on the moon

  15. The old man, who had travelled around the galaxy, sat on the deserted, lonely moon. The moon stood still like it was frozen – as frozen as an iceberg. A shimmering tear fell from his eye and he sighed a great big sigh because he was alone. Slowly, carefully, miserably, he stood and walked towards the magical view of the earth. Missing his: tiny house, lovely wife, his loyal dog and the shining sun. The earth whispered faintly, “Come home, come home.” But he knew he couldn’t. He was stranded! Will he ever get home?

  16. Finally I reached my destination,THE MOON.I landed my space-ship perfectly in a fragile,dusty hole.Cautiously stepping out of my rocket I put one foot down on the uneven,lumpy floor.Staring at the eye glistening,sphere shaped earth I was so intrigued I wanted to go further,closer towards the planet.Never I would of thought I would ever make it to the moon,it is a miracle.Facing outer-space I notice it was as dark as the sky at midnight there were bright,twinkling,shining stars glowing mistily.Looking over my shoulder I spotted that my flight home had gone without me.There it was dancing in and out the stars high above me.

  17. The first astronaut who was on the moon.He sat and watched the earth spinning round and round. He sat and thought about his friends and family and how much he missed them very much. He looked around him at the pitch black sky.He saw the crumbling rock of a meteor and the dry dusty land of the moon.He look up at the glistening star dancing in the dark sky. Slowly he made his way from the rocket but he felt very nevous adout what will happen. He slowly made his way back to the rocket and wrote about his journey.

  18. Facts about Stars
    The best place to view stars in the UK is Scotland because it is darker than Wales and England. Winter is the best time to view stars. In the northern sky the most recognisable group of stars is the plough. Above the plough the pole star or Polaris. Above Polaris is a “W” shape cluster of 5 stars called Cassiopeia. In the south sky one of the best constellations is Orion The Hunter. Above Orion is his “belt”. If you follow the belt left you come to Sirius the dog star, brightest in our night sky.

    By Olivia H

  19. The brave heroic astronaut was as lonely as a lost soul ,his heart was empty. The brave heroic astronaut was as lonely as a lost soul ,his heart was empty. Peacefully and sorrowfully the astronaut stared out at the black abyss whilst the stars lit up the dark void, as if they were diamonds. Staring, watching and listening the astronaut was aware his oxygen level will drop and worried he won’t go back to earth. Scared, alone and hopeful the astronaut stared at the bright, fascinating earth whilst it orbited the moon. He looked around and saw: crumbled rocks, bright stars and eight planets. The fiery, blinding sun shone on his cold, sad face. Comets were flying through the sky, it was beautiful. The dust travelled across the grey, dim floor.

  20. The astronaut stepped out of the rocket gazing with astonishment. Slowly, carefully and excitedly he took little steps closer and closer to grey rocks and dusty, dull stones. Staring in amazement at the bright blue sky he saw stars moving as if they had arms and legs. The rocks looked like colossal grey mountains, you could almost climb them. Suddenly there was a huge CRASH! the astronaut turned around cautiously. There was something large and huge, what could it be? The astronaut realised it was a rocket and was excited, happy and overjoyed thinking that someone had come to join him. Frantically carefully and merrily the astronaut stepped closer and closer to the rocket to see who it could be….

  21. The man on the moon, who was feeling as small as a nit, looked at the Earth wishing he was there. The Earth was a marble and he had been waiting to hit it for a long time. ZOOM! that was the sound of the meteors which ran though the sky. “Wow, who is that?” came a voice, this was a almost deafening sound for him as he had been there alone for 5 years. Slowly and cautiously he turned to where the voice came – nothing there – round again and before his eyes was a rocket. Nervous and secretly excited he walked to the rocket – should he? Gently and calmly he found the courage to knock loudly and bravely. Before he had the chance to turn and walk away it opened…

  22. LeahH says:
    CRASH! my pointy spaceship landed in a dimed hole .As I steped out but I just flowted right out because there is no oxigan in space .When I looked in the corner of my eye I seen someone stuck in a trapped hole.I rushed to it as fast as I could to help who ever it was .As I cautiously livted up a huge rock . suddenly I fell to the ground because of how hevey it was . lookaly I didn’t hurt myself as I carred on pulling off the hevey rocks .Then it fainlly was the end I found out it was a man we became very good friends . It became the end of are joiney in space as we went home in my favairte rocketship what a great day that was by Leah H

  23. As blue as the ocean the Earth’s seas looked like nothing in comparision.
    The astronaut climbed the big rock to see a beautiful sight. When the astronaut climbed the rock, he looked around to see the empty desolate space. As the astronaut was floating around he turned to see the Earth was prettier than it ever looked. In my dream I was on the moon, walking and floating on the grainy surface……..or was it a dream? Heart pounding I gazed at planet Earth and said to myself, it was worth it. Eyes bulging I stared at the Earth thinking I was king of the moon.

  24. Excited, happy but worried, i stepped out of my rocket i felt very lucky landing on the moon.When i was a child i thought the moon was full of aliens but sitting here i feel quite lonely and sad because there is no one to communicate with.I stared at the wonderful ,big,round and colourful earth in front of me and i loved it. I looked around and saw all of the other planets lighting up the pitch, black galaxy.The biggest star of all the sun shone as bright as fire and the brightness almost blinded me.In a blink of an eye a shooting star darted past me and i made a wish. I wished i could stay here forever but i cant because i would run out of food and water and i will be very lonely. I decided to say goodbye to the moon i ran back to my space ship 54321 BLAST OFF!

  25. The man on the moon, who was as lonely as a planet stared towards Earth wishing he could be there. SWISH ! a bright and beautiful star went flying by. He wished that he could grab hold of the star and fly back down to Earth and go home. Despite having no family he still wished he could be there. Slowly he walked over to a hole in the ground he called home. He climbed into the hole and rolled over into bed (a deeper hole!) and started to dream about an astronaut coming to the moon to save him. The next day was the same as any other day, boring and lonely, or was it? Whilst gazing upon the Earth he hears something behind him, suddenly he turns around and sees an astronaut there to save him.

  26. Silently and nervously the astronaut smiled as the atmosphere nearby stood still. Heart pounding, he looked at the magical place around him and saw: Sharp rocks, soft ground and bright stars. Swish! He was walking on the moon. The footprints, which were made from dust, were surrounding him. The stars where shining dancers dancing with the astronaut. Standing tall like a meerkat, the holes in the moon stood with him. Sitting, relaxing and eating it was time for the astronaut to have tea. As he settled in and had his last dance with the stars, he packed up. It was a farewell.

  27. slowly,neves,the old man waked up to the hot red rockit he sat in the rouf green seet of the rockit BAND it wizied of in the night sye as I laned on the planit my heat was pounding like a drum I really want to go back but I did no no how to get of just then. I fell a sleep the next moning he hears something behind him, suddenly the old man turns around and sees an astronaut to save him

  28. One day I was sitting on the moon looking at the beautiful planet that is Earth.
    Crying feeling home sick I says to my self I will get home soon back home to my family and friends.
    Just then I have a phone call of my family and it was beautiful then I see a shooting star it was a great little thing it was that little it was smaller then a brisket.

  29. Bang! I crash on the face of our moon and immediately begin exploring. I have oxygen but no food or water so my time is limited and I will soon die without them. I discover a beautiful turquoise sea that is as vast as space . I see millions of yellow lights in the sky which could be seen galaxies away and lighting up my home planet Earth. I miss home. I begin to gather up the space junk and start to build a giant rocket. Finally it is ready and I whizz back home to my family. Sometimes I regret leaving the moon but I had to do what I had to do to survive.

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