We believe that children learn best in a secure and happy environment, where they feel valued, trusted and confident in their own ability.

We also believe that children should be challenged with a range of learning experiences so that they develop to the maximum of their potential and enjoy learning to the full through the promotion of enthusiasm and curiosity.

Through first hand experiences, we aim to develop in our children a love of learning, a pride in their work, respect for their surroundings and good relationships with others at home and at school.

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142 thoughts on “Welcome

      • And it love ? this school since I was 3 years old !!!!!
        That was when I started !!!!

        It is a very good school and awsome thing can happen and the teacher are nice and the students are nice the headteacher is nice and the playground is awesome and we have visitors and after school clubs and we have school trips and woodley primary school it the best ever !!!!!???????

  1. Hi,I went to your school in the 1960’s before moving to South Australia and becoming a film and tv stunt man.Still have lots of memories of your fantastic school.One of my teachers was Miss Johnson and when i was 7 i told her i want to be a stunt man.She told me to follow my dream.I did.So best of luck to all the students at Woodley and become what you want to be.

  2. year 4 is the best I can’t believe that miss marshell fell 0ver. Mrs knowels is so fun,the paper machaes are looking cool. The biscuits were so nice especially the sweetie ones. I really want to have a toy day and a non-unifom day. I am sad that it is picture day on 5th and it is siblings and I can’t have my picture taken with my sister because she is in year 7.

  3. This school has been great so far! Miss Drinkwater and Miss Flint are the best teachers I ever seen! Best School Ever!!

  4. Hi it’s Alice??
    I enjoy year 6?
    Mr Newton is one of the best teachers ever!?
    I enjoy Woodley so much it is a great school i am going to miss it next year when I go to Marple I’m going to miss all the teachers especially (Mr Newton calling me a Miss Cassin!)?
    I’ll be on this blog a lot!

  5. In maths right now we are learning about alot of things so far your the best at maths mrs Kinsella & mrs Drinkwater! 🙂

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  7. Hi rose I remember when you me and Millie August daisy and the others went to rhythmic gym we had some good laughs and times ok hope I see you again and I hope you make lots of new friends there hope you come back and say a little hello.
    your sincerely Yasmine 😀

    • Hi Mia remember me Lucy we had really good laughs together we are doing a show at school called mystery at magpie manor it’s cool how are you going on at school now I got a certificate last Friday for great writing lots of love Lucy from 4K

  8. Hi everybody HAPPY FIRST OF FEBRUARY!
    Hope you all had a lovely time today at school it was so much fun today we got to sketch the iron man.

  9. I love potions in year 4 I’m going to make my own potion at home and I will try it wonder how its gonna taste Mrs Knowles &Miss Kemp are great teachers and I hope you read this and also Year 5 sound like they love the Tudors. My friends are so exited about making a potion. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • I am now in 5D !!!!! It is a great year miss Drinkwater and Miss Cooper and miss Knight and miss Howard are very nice !!!

      Toby N

  10. On the 31st of April 2016 4k did foam making wacky races gloop making and tornado explotions also we had to wear a wizard or wich outfit or black for the whole day it was so exiting Mrs Knowles how can you resist not touching the gloop and George you were so funny on the power point you did I thought no one could do a better power point than yours. Mrs Knowles you are so funny also Miss Kemp you are scary in a funny way #can’t wait until the holidays I’m going to courphough in Greece cant wait!! X

  11. Hi everyone hope you are having a great holiday I am my dad took my chocolate last night so I pinched it back of him??? it was delicious ? I am starting to think it was not a good idea but at the time it was.
    I can not wait to go back to school and see all of my friends

  12. Hi Rose
    It doesnt feel like 3G because lots of people have left ?. All off 3G was
    sleepy on 26.05.16?.All ov the school have TWO WEEKS WHIT
    HOLIDAY !!!!
    from Ava??

  13. Long time, no see in the blog! Miss Drinkwater is the best and Mrs Jones is too! In Year 6, I will enjoy it….I just knew we get Mrs Elsegood! ^^ PGL I’m most excited about and also maths!

  14. Oh my goodness! OVER 6,000 visits in this blog already, but not just our country just visited our blog….the other countrys have visited too like Russia, USA! Can we reach 7,000 visits soon?

  15. Hi guys i really miss u all if u are wondering who I am i am mia from miss greenslades class and if u r reading this rose u got it i have left aswell sorry if my spelling is wrong really upset i had to leave but my new school is really good i am going to Arden now hope i see u soon

  16. Hi 3G

    It doesnt seem like school without you. I saw Miss Greenslade, Miss Garside and Miss Kinsella at my new school. Iv made lots of new friends and its really good. I have 2 class teachers called Mr Briggs and Mrs Gorrie, we are doing the expanded method in maths and giving change. I do swimming on Wednesdays now instead of Fridays. Hope i see you soon.

    Love Mia B x x x

  17. school is great love the songs for the play and for the NK theartre group but it will be a busy week. we have Mrs Elesgood good look for everyone for their new teacher hope it won’t be too tricky though!! like Annalise I am sooo looking forward to PGL eeeekkk!!!! good luck for everyone in the new class once again!

  18. hi guys had a really fun day at Mellor mill today because we got a lunch time all to ourselves and we all got to eat our dinner in our class room so much fun ok bye 😀

  19. Hey guys neve from 5D hope that you enjoyed the holiday ?I sure did P.S a message to 4K it’s really nice and so are the teachers bye bye ?!!!!

  20. I have just read the year 5 sweet storys you should to their awsome ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺????????????

  21. A great place it is there’s no other place like it math’s is my favorite it’s awesome spellings kind of hard but i’ll come over it dinner is my favorite you get to play and have fun i love it loads of kind people like my friend Natalya she’s nice and kind thanks for making my days better. x x x

  22. Year 6 is really lot’s of fun! ^^

    Mrs Elsegood, Miss Bennett and others are the best, most lessons have been intresting so far! I think Year 6 is lot better than I expected to be!

  23. A short story by Sofia Anthony, year 5

    Through the Wardrobe

    I was very excited as Kendra and Fay were coming for a sleepover. We began to tell stories as we were snuggled down in our sleeping bags. As the church clock struck 12 and the room darkened I began to tell the story my mum used to tell me when I was younger. She told me that in the corner of my wardrobe a magical door would appear but only at nighttime. As I was telling the story there was silence in the room. “I don’t believe you” shouted Fay, as she scrambled out of bed to look.
    She went straight to the corner of the wardrobe and said, in a disappointed voice, “there’s no door here, just a small knob ! ”
    “Well press it” I said and reluctantly Fay did. As she pressed it a door opened,
    ” it’s true ” murmured Fay.
    ” I thought it was just a story, well at least I thought it was”, I said aloud and shocked.
    “Come on then, ” demanded Kendra, ” lets go through the door”.
    As Fay nervously climbed in she noticed the doorway was shimmering blue and glittery. They had entered a secret land that appeared magical to the three girls. The trees were made of candy, a river seemed to be flowing chocolate sauce and small people who looked like gummy bears smiled at them. ” Mmm houses made of ginger bread” said Kendra, as her mouth started to water. In excitement, we all decided to be as brave as knights and keep walking. As we looked up our eyes started to twitch like we were looking up at a ball of fire in the sky, the sun was so bright. Whistling birds sounded like they were singing a tune. We were in a wonderland!!!!

    A shrill cry echoed in the mist, “what happened ? ” called Kendra, “what was that noise?”. In the distance they saw a tiny, dainty fairy swimming desperately in the chocolate river. “I was planting my roses in a liquorish field and my sweet wheel rolled down a hill, I tried to get it but I slipped and fell in the chocolate ” she cried out in a shrieking voice.
    “Oh no ” said Sofia. ” ROPE ! I have some rope in my wardrobe. Let me get that and we’ll try to help you out” She dashed to go and get it …
    So with all her strength Sofia threw it in the river. Cautiously, Daffodil grabbed onto the rope and we all quickly pulled her out. ” Thank you, Thank you, you saved my life ” cried the fairy.
    “You’re very welcome ” replied Fay smiling happily.
    Suddenly, Kendra looked at her watch and realised it was 2 o’clock in the morning.
    ” We have to go” she yelled.
    Our hearts were beating like a drum. As we were running back, we heard Daffodil call, “girls for saving my life I grant you a wish each.”

    We tiptoed quietly to our beds as we heard Sofia’s dad shouting up the stairs ” are you three in bed?”

    We lay as quietly as we could all of us thinking about what we might wish for.
    As we thought about our amazing adventure we giggled ourselves to sleep.

    The End

  24. I can’t believe how fast year 5 has gone so sad u am going to miss drinkwater but glad that my teacher is miss Woodward hopefully year 6 is going to be good

  25. I can’t believe it has been so fast for Year 6! I’m going to miss you every single one of you! I will still come to the summer fair and Christmas fair each year! Mrs Elsegood is a really caring and beautiful teacher! 🙂

  26. I’m really bored but I’m having so much fun in yr 5 with Mrs drink water for rose and Mia I really miss you two it’s been 3 yrs ?????????

    From August 5D

    • Hi Josiah and Grace
      I have misssed you !
      and I have some new friends and tell the class I missed them too. I have a small dog now named Charlie he is very cute!?

      Hope to see you soon !and I will definitely see you all when I visit love Luca

    • Hi Josiah and grace ,
      It is nice to hear from you !
      I really like my new school thanks it’s very different but really good . I do miss you !!
      Say hello to the class from me !

      Hope to see you soon !
      Love Luca

    • Hi Grace and Josiah,
      I love my new school thanks ! It is very different but good .
      I miss you all !!
      I have a lot of friends here and the summer is very good as you get a lot of time off .
      Hope to see you when we visit .
      Love Luca

  27. WOW it’s nearly Christmas I can’t wait. But year 5 is soooooooo fun Miss Drinkwater is really nice and kind she lets you go on the blog in lessons when you’ve finished! That’s what I’m doing now!

  28. Hello everyone, my name is Chloe.
    I’m in Year 5 right now and I’m sooooo excited for Christmas(which is nearly here)
    I like school very much,thank you for being nice to me everyone(including the teachers)

  29. The run

    Like a cheetah ,holly dashed along the street into the school playground,along the corridor that was brightly lit with trophies and ornaments. Holly reached the PE door and stepped in. It seemed like a good place to hide and that was good because even though holly wanted to get away from Connor, Holly was thirsty and hungry.

    The PE store was dark, dusty and damp. With a chill running up his spine, Holly saw a red,shiny ball so she kicked the ball. Fist clenching , teeth chattering Holly got transported to a old football tournament field.

    Holly slowly turned to see Messi in an evil ghost formed body. Legs like jelly,Holly was terrified to see a real ghost, Messi’s clothes were wounded and had colossal holes in them Messi looked like he was a thousand years old.

    All of a sudden out of the ground came a norther ghost but this one wasn’t evil this ghost was here to help it was a knight in shining armer he got his sword and swung it like a tennis racket. A few times and chopped Messi into pieces the fight was over the
    knight in shining armour gave the sword to Holly and the knight disappeared in a wink
    of an eye.

    Holly went to kick the red shiny ball and got transported back to the PE store Holly still had the sword in here hand Connor was kicking the glass until it smashed. And then climbed through it Holly held out the sword and started swinging it. Connor’s heart was pounding and his hands were sweating he was scared it wasn’t long until Connor stepped back turned and ran through the glass.

  30. I liked the poetry workshop with Ian Bland!
    My favourite Ian Bland poem is Go To The Head because it’s really funny!
    I would like to do it again!

  31. Hi we did poems today and this is my example:

    I’d like to be a zombie ,
    So I could eat someone’s brain.
    I,d like to be a teacher,
    So I could teach about trains

    Kind is good
    It is being a frend
    Nice is being kind
    Do you want to be kind ?

  32. Our school did a poem and this is my example:

    I’d like to be a Pilot
    So I could fly to different lands
    I’d like to be a Life guard
    So I could play in the sand

    I’d like to be a Swimming Teacher
    So I could force people to swim
    I’d like to be an electrician
    So I could make all the lights dim

  33. I’ve not been on here in ages hope everyone is having a good day of and has had fun in the snow see you guys soon

  34. I CANT WAIT FOR PGL ON MONDAY [ BY THE TIME THIS GETS ON THE BLOG I WILL PROBABLY BE THERE ]woodley is a great school it has a lovely atmosphere and a great learning environment my favourite teacher is miss vann even though im in year 6 and she has left now xx

  35. Hi its Niamh I do not go to this schol anymore but I was just looking at all of the heartwalming comments and thinking that I love this school 🙂

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